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ETDSWIZARD- Etds filing software.

eTDS software for companies in India-Etdswizard. Developed by Mumbai based software product company Fast Facts. Etdswizard is an excel template based software product. Data from your accounting software can be exported into the MS Excel templates easily. No Macros used you can just copy and paste data in the excel template sheets. Excel template available for Form 24Q, Form 26Q, Form 27Q, Form 27EQ.

Etdswizard software Mumbai India, Key features:

  1. Create eTDS/eTCS Statement.

  2. ePayment of Challan.

  3. View FVU/Text file & convert in MS Excel format.

  4. Auto Download of CSI file.

  5. Bulk updation of PAN/Reason for Lower Deduction.

  6. Make corrections in Consolidated FVU file.

  7. Print TRACES Form 16A

  8. Print TRACES Form 16

  9. Print Paper Return

  10. Templates and samples files provided with detailed instructions.

  11. Validates Deductor, challan & deductee details for field level accuracy.

  12. Validates allocation of challan to deductee amounts.

  13. Shows errors on screen as well as in a separate MS Excel file.

  14. Form 24Q TDS on salaries. Form 26Q TDS on other payments.

  15. Form 27Q TDS on payments to non -residents. Form 27EQ TCS.

  16. Print Form 27A.

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