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Tds management software for companies in India, designed and developed by Tds company in India – Fast facts Mumbai,India dealing is software products for Tds returns filing and tds correction and default notices management. Tdspac is a complete tds management software product for Indian companies having to manage salary and vendor payments on a monthly basis.
Tdspac is a completely automated TDS software product system with inbuilt validations
and features like correct deductions to epayment of challans to downloading and digitally printing of TRACES Form 16A & Form 16 certificates, to quarterly eTDS returns and etds correction filing etc.

TdsPac is a unique tds software product with features of integrating with several accounting softwares such as Tally and ERP solutions. Feature like directly importing deductee details and TDS deductions entries thus saves time and efforts. Creation of eTDS file, eTDS correction file and validation through FVU is achieved with a single click. The tds software company fast facts releases all upgrades within 72 hours of the changes in law

Key features of TDSPAC are:

  1. Multi company / multi assessment year
  2. Interfaced with accounting software TALLY ERP9 and other ERP software solutions.
  3. Import and export data in excel format.
  4. Computes correct TDS / TCS amount
  5. Tracks lower rate and threshold limits
  6. Auto generate challans and make online e-payments. Interfaced with Income Tax Department e-payment screen.
  7. Online PAN Verification for vendors with Income Tax Department. Check if the PAN is present in the ITD database.
  8. Creates eTDS / eTCS statements 26Q / 27Q / 27EQ
  9. Creates eTDS / eTCS correction statements
  10. Calculates interest on late payments
  11. Direct connectivity to TRACES, option to download certificate file from TRACES.
  12. Print or convert TRACES certificate to pdf format and email digitally signed certificate to vendors.
  13. Prints or export to excel all reports for statutory / tax audit purpose
  14. Prints or export to excel transaction listings / summaries etc.

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