SOFTBRANDS CONSULTING is a Mumbai based software product solutions and services company. Established in 2006, Softbrands consulting has been the software marketing and implementation partners for Fast Facts (now a part of Thomson Reuters).
Our core product and services offering has been in the field of tax and accounting. Based in Mumbai we cater to large and mid-size companies in India offering software product solutions in and around the tax and accounting segment. Fixed Assets Management software, payroll management software, eTds software for salary tax calculation and vendor tds calculation are a few offering under the tax and accounting product portfolio.
Payroll & HR
Fixed Asset
Efiling Tax Audit
Default Notice Forecaster

Payroll & TDS

Payroll Services


Tax on salary



Profession Tax



Tds on vendors

Fixed Assets

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Softbrands consulting is a payroll software company in india offering payroll management softwares for companies in india, Mumbai, delhi, pune, bangalore,kolkatta, Hyderabad and Chennai. As a payroll software India company the payroll software comprises of comprehensive features for payroll management in india. The payroll software is designed for the india market to meet the payroll processing requirements of  small, mid-size and large companies. The payroll software is feature rich, cost effective and scalable.
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